Fundación Ortega Gasset-Gregorio Marañón

About us

About us

Fundación José Ortega y Gasset-Gregorio Marañón

The Fundación José Ortega y Gasset-Gregorio Marañón is a private, non-profit making institution devoted to cultural activities, debate and research for the dissemination of the Social Sciences and Humanities and Health Sciences. Inspired by the figure of its founder and the important role he played in the society of his time, the Fundación was created in 1978 by Soledad Ortega Spottorno.

The Fundación has a number of centres and departments which carry out many different activities. These activities are, among others, graduate training, university teaching for foreign students, applied research, documentation about international relations, seminars and conferences, lectures, round tables, publications, courses for teachers of Spanish, exhibitions and technical assistance to public and private corporations and multilateral organizations.

The development of these activities has bound the Fundación to a group of academics and prestigious professionals which form one of the think tanks or more reputable groups of experts in Spain. With their support, this institution has become an important meeting-point and private debate, which usually houses outstanding political, economical, academic and management representatives from all over the world.

The Fundación has two headquarters in Madrid and Toledo and it is in a process of international expansion which has already led to the creation of a similar institution in Argentina (Buenos Aires), Colombia (Bogota) and México (located in El Colegio de México), as well as the regular organization of activities in other countries in Latinamerica, specially the Dominican Republic, Chile and Perú, where a center of the Instituto Universitario de Investigación Ortega y Gasset was inaugurated in year 2005.

The Fundación, in order to reach its aims, has established in the course of its lifetime, agreements with hundreds of corporations, companies, Spanish and foreign institutions, and very outstanding academic and research centers such as St. Antony´s College, Oxford, Institut d´Études Politiques de Paris (Sciences Po), Colegio de Mexico, University of Cornell or Instituto Torcuato di Tella (Buenos Aires).

The Fundación, together with these agreements, and with the purpose of increasing scientific exchanges, has consolidated a very wide network of relations inside and outside Spain which mades it one of the most dynamic institutions of the country.

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